About Us

"The idea of Haven Lifestyle was founded on a snowy day middle of winter 2017. While I was waiting for a tow truck after locking my keys, lunch, and tools in my car on my first day on site as an electrical apprentice. I decided to draw in the snow on my car considering I had nothing else to do. What came soon after was the simplistic design now know as "Seiklus" and I knew the moment I drew that logo that I wanted to start my own company. A brand to represent everyone's passion no matter what it is. Years after drawing that first logo, we have brought Haven to what it is today. #findyourhaven" - Matt Leslie


Matt Leslie (Owner)

Matt Leslie is owner and founding member of Haven Lifestyle. It was his creative dream that lead him towards the path of producing a brand that embodies not only what he loves, but the drive of others finding what they truly love to do. Matt's creativity and artistic skill is the fuel that runs the Brand. Without his skillful creativity and passion for the idea, Haven Lifestyle would have remained as a logo in the snow long melted off of his car.

What is your Haven?

"My haven is expressed through Haven Lifestyle itself in my creative direction. Creative design is something I'm very passionate about, from the logos to the future direction of the brand. But I'm very happy to have Trey apart of the team to keep the very best ideas realized, and truly help build the structure of the company."


Trey Kish (Owner)


Trey Kish is co-owner and finance guy for Haven Lifestyle. With his knowledge from his current studies in Business Administration at the Royal Military College of Canada, Trey was able to refresh, tweak and bring to light the structure behind the brand that is Haven Lifestyle.

What is your Haven?

 "I have found my haven in exploring the outdoors. I most often express this in rock climbing and driving roads less travelled here in northern BC. The sight of a natural feature that few people have seen before me is the driving factor behind my life outside of work and school."

Liam Jamieson (Ambassador)

Liam Jamieson is a lifelong friend of Trey and Matt. Liam is an avid mountain biker and climber. He brings energy and creativity to the brand and its image. We are excited to bring him on to the team.

“Names Liam! I’m a Prince George local born and raised. Slopestyle/free ride mountain biker and rock climber. My Haven is whenever I’m doing rad things with the people I love”


Janna Olynick

Janna is our newest addition to the Haven team. She enjoys everything outdoors and brings passion to her sport in pole fitness, training competitively.

“Hi, I’m Janna! I have lived in Northern BC my whole life, so it should come as no surprise that the outdoors are my Haven. When not at work, you can either find me hiking up a mountain, or upside down on a pole or hoop! I have been doing for pole fitness for 3 years and it is truly my greatest passion in life!”